A Brief On Postal Services

Letters are a very convenient means of written communication. Post office acts as a middle man and provides its services to carry letters from a sender to receiver. It also provides other services like accepting deposits of money, arranging remittance, sending money orders, etc. All these services are called postal services. These services are governed by government throughout the country and anyone can avail this facility as charges are very minimal. Post offices are easily accessible by general people because of its wide range of networks.

Different type postal services are:

Mail service: Using this service you can send letters and cards to your relatives living in same country or different. It is also very easy to deliver gifts and parcels of any size on different occasions using this service. Sending mail in to the receiver in same country is called inland mails and if the receiver resides in different country then the service is called international mail service. To write different kind of messages sender can use postcard, inland letter card or envelope and a thick cloth is used for wrapping an article that has to deliver. You can also avail facilities like fast sending of mail, ensuring certainty of delivery, etc by paying some extra charges.

Remittance service: This postal service provides the facility to send money order and postal order. It is very useful for the people to send money living far away from their family.

Banking service: Post offices also provide some facilities like accepting money from public and withdrawal of their deposits. So post offices are good place to keep your savings. Different schemes are also offered encouraging people to save money.

Insurance service:  Insurance is a type of contract between two parties where one party agrees to pay some amount of money to other party in case of any accident or event that causes loss to the party. Post office is also providing this service.

Other services: Other services like sale of stamps, bill payment, sale of forms, etc are also come under postal services.

So, users can avail so many postal services provided by post offices very easily and in any part of the country.