A Visit To The Post Office

Posted by | Posted in Post Office | Posted on 10-06-2010

In a world dominated by technology where everything happens at the speed of thought, where communication is just a mouse-click away, post offices are becoming more and more distant for us. The good old snail mail is a thing of the past and a practice considered out-dated by the masses. Thought people might not give it a thought but the severe drop in the mail volumes has caused serious problems in the post offices of many developed as well as developing countries today. Many of them are proving to a liability for the nation’s governments and as a consequence, many of them are being shut down.

Postal costs are increasing steadily in the past five yours all around the world as an attempt to recover the losses. Emailing, text messaging, and electronic bills are the main reasons for this drop in postal usage. Also, due to the recent recession many businesses have started to opt for paperless communication and cease mailing and advertising through mail. This was perhaps the last blow to many of the world’s post offices.

The only way to save this institution which is also the oldest in history is to start mailing again. You can write a letter to your old friend or distant cousin. Send a gift package to your nephew or just buy a book of stamps. Remember, the higher the volume of mail, the greater the chance of the post office’s survival. This will not only save your local post office but also the jobs of the people who work there. Shutting down a post office is a very long procedure which can take around 2 months.  This is plenty of time for you to do something about saving your local post office. All you have to do is just visit the post office and mail something or buy stamps and post cards!

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