Amenities Offered By The Post Office

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The post office, one of the oldest human institutions is a place where you will get many facilities and amenities and just not mails. Postal money orders, express mailing, parcel posting are some of the important functions of a post office and here is a detailed look at the amenities offered by the post office.

image Express mail service means your documents or letters will reach in less than a day. You can also send mails on public holidays and Sundays for an additional charge.  The pricing for this is either on a flat rate or by the weight of your package or by the ZIP code.

Another option is First Class Mail where delivery is guaranteed in two to three days at the most. This service is available for letters and small packages.

The parcel posting facility is the cheapest way of sending packages as it employs surface transport only.  The time can be anywhere between 2 days to 4 weeks depending upon the location; whether it is national or international and also depending upon the ZIP code for domestic delivery.

One of the unique amenities offered by post offices is media mail through which you can send recorded media such as audio cassettes, VHS, CD’s and DVDs. Even Blu-ray discs can e sent through this service.  The pricing for this is on a flat rate basis depending upon the weight of the package. The transit time is similar to parcel posting. Also, one thing to note over here is that you cannot advertise using the media mail service and there are also restrictions on what you can send by this service.

Bulk mailing is another facility offered by the post office and was used quite a lot until the recent recession that struck the global economy and companies started opting for emailing instead of the age-old snail mail service.  Many discounts are offered for bulk mailing and the service is still used by those who want to send magazines and other periodicals.

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