Automation Of Post Office

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Automation is the process of making the system more advanced by using control systems and information technologies. It also reduces the need of human intervention. Automation of post office is done by using different software programs which makes the work process fast and easy. Now most of the work at post office is done using computers. You will see computers at all the counters at post office and they are used to maintain records of all the things at these counters.

image Electronic weighing scale is used to capture the weight of postal item automatically. It also displays the tariff that customers need to pay and saves most of the calculation time. Now money orders are sent electronically at post offices. Each transaction details are maintained at local as well as central servers. Customer can also view his payment details on web which makes things very easy for post office employees and customers.

Details of all post office banking services are also managed using computers. Opening of savings account and transferring of funds are done easily within seconds. With automation it becomes very easy to handle all the accounts and maintain all records of deposits and withdrawals.

Some post offices also provide internet facility to send mails and transfer money online. One person from office staff will help people to use this facility as many people in rural areas don’t know about this.

Post offices can also be in contact with their customers with the help of web based technology. A customer can send any query or complaints to the post office on web. When a complaint is launched, a unique id is assigned to each complaint and customer gets the acknowledgement mail. Post office staff works on the complaint as soon as possible and helps the customer.

So automation of post office has so many advantages and save time of both office staff and customer.

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