The Various Counters At The Post Office

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Post office is providing plethora of different services apart from sending and receiving letters so it has different counters at office for every service. Different counters are for facility of customer so that he has to go only to the counter related with his work. Different counters are:

Counter for mailing services: Work related to sending and receiving mails is done at this counter. There are many sub-counters for purchasing postcards, stamps or other things related to letter, collecting the letters and for other purpose. There are other counters for mailing gifts and parcels.

Counter for Remittance service: Post office also provides money order services and postal order services. There is a counter which deals with all these service. To send a money order you just have to go to this counter, fill a form and deposit your money which you want to send. Your request will be processed by the person sitting at the counter.

Banking service counter: There is a different counter for banking services provided by post office. You can open a savings account at post office and deposit your money. You can also withdraw this money anytime. A person from post office staff sitting at this counter will help you to open the account and will tell you all the procedure. All the details about account and customer are saved in computer for fast access.

Insurance service counter: Having insurance for any person is very important as his family will get the insurance money in case of any casualty occur with him. Post office also deals with this service. At this counter you will get all the information regarding the insurance policies that they are providing and benefits of those policies.

There are other counters for sale of forms, bill payments or any other services.

Work is done systematically on these counters and it also saves time of both customer and post office staff.

Post Offices – A History

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The General Post Office abbreviated as the GPO was established by King Charles II and it grew into a postal service as well as a communication center. Many such similar offices were setup in the entire British Empire with the passage of time.

The GPO was used to create a network where people could submit items to be sent from one place to another. All these items were known as pot, were transferred from one post office to many places which were called distribution points. At the onset, the recipients were supposed to pay for receiving the post. But this lead to complications as the latter had the right of refusing to accept delivery of the item and not pay for the same so this system was later changed. The charges for delivery were calculated on the basis of the distance between the two places and the GPO was supposed to maintain an account for each item sent.

The Penny Post was introduced in the year 1840. This had two new innovative ideas. One was the uniform postal pricing system which took care of the administrative costs and also reduced them to a large extent. The second was the pre-paid stamp system where adhesive stamps were stuck on the items to be posted.

Many countries later introduced additional facilities in their post offices such as a distribution center for government forms, application centers for passport and vehicle driving licenses, even banks and a place where he common people could use telephones to make calls.

The people who delivered the postal letters and packages were the face of the government in many countries. ; many mail handlers burn the midnight oil even today for sorting out mails and packages that are to be delivered at different places. But sadly, the institution is dying out to the advent of modern technology such as the internet and cell phones

A Visit To The Post Office

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In a world dominated by technology where everything happens at the speed of thought, where communication is just a mouse-click away, post offices are becoming more and more distant for us. The good old snail mail is a thing of the past and a practice considered out-dated by the masses. Thought people might not give it a thought but the severe drop in the mail volumes has caused serious problems in the post offices of many developed as well as developing countries today. Many of them are proving to a liability for the nation’s governments and as a consequence, many of them are being shut down.

Postal costs are increasing steadily in the past five yours all around the world as an attempt to recover the losses. Emailing, text messaging, and electronic bills are the main reasons for this drop in postal usage. Also, due to the recent recession many businesses have started to opt for paperless communication and cease mailing and advertising through mail. This was perhaps the last blow to many of the world’s post offices.

The only way to save this institution which is also the oldest in history is to start mailing again. You can write a letter to your old friend or distant cousin. Send a gift package to your nephew or just buy a book of stamps. Remember, the higher the volume of mail, the greater the chance of the post office’s survival. This will not only save your local post office but also the jobs of the people who work there. Shutting down a post office is a very long procedure which can take around 2 months.  This is plenty of time for you to do something about saving your local post office. All you have to do is just visit the post office and mail something or buy stamps and post cards!

Automation Of Post Office

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Automation is the process of making the system more advanced by using control systems and information technologies. It also reduces the need of human intervention. Automation of post office is done by using different software programs which makes the work process fast and easy. Now most of the work at post office is done using computers. You will see computers at all the counters at post office and they are used to maintain records of all the things at these counters.

image Electronic weighing scale is used to capture the weight of postal item automatically. It also displays the tariff that customers need to pay and saves most of the calculation time. Now money orders are sent electronically at post offices. Each transaction details are maintained at local as well as central servers. Customer can also view his payment details on web which makes things very easy for post office employees and customers.

Details of all post office banking services are also managed using computers. Opening of savings account and transferring of funds are done easily within seconds. With automation it becomes very easy to handle all the accounts and maintain all records of deposits and withdrawals.

Some post offices also provide internet facility to send mails and transfer money online. One person from office staff will help people to use this facility as many people in rural areas don’t know about this.

Post offices can also be in contact with their customers with the help of web based technology. A customer can send any query or complaints to the post office on web. When a complaint is launched, a unique id is assigned to each complaint and customer gets the acknowledgement mail. Post office staff works on the complaint as soon as possible and helps the customer.

So automation of post office has so many advantages and save time of both office staff and customer.

Post Office and Technological Tools

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This is the information age where everything happens in an instant.  The internet has made the world a global village where one can communicate with a person sitting more than a thousand miles away at the click of a button. This has dramatically changed the way we communicate with one another and do our business. Personal computers have gone down to prices below a thousand dollars and the internet connection has become a fundamental right in some countries. As such, the good old post office and snail mailing is becoming an ancient affair today.

Post Office If we think realistically, who would want to write a letter and post it when one can communicate at the speed of thought with their friends and family? Emails, text messaging, voice chat and even video conferencing are available today at negligible costs. This convergence of technology has, to an extent made us complacent and we tend to neglect the age old tradition of sending hand written season’s greetings or a personalized package by mail.

Moreover, the recent recession only added to the woes of the postal services. The modern technology available today made companies think. Most of them stopped the practice of direct mailing and marketing by post and instead opted for emails and communication on popular social networking sites like Facebook and Orkut. Also, YouTube which is an online video sharing portal offered a much better platform for companies to advertise their products and get opinions and suggestion on them in a much more interactive manner as compared to postal services. Also, market research too is being carried out through emails and the internet and most companies have discontinued sending feedback forms and survey questionnaires by email.

In conclusion, if we do not do something real quick about this most of the post offices will be shut down and we will lose the oldest institution of human history.

Post Office And The Letters

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The world of computers and internet, are demolishing the name of post office and letters from the mind of people in big cities. But in small towns and villages where internet facilities are not available and letters are very easy means of written communication and also the most convenient ways of talking to each other. Post offices provide their services to send letter from one place to another. You can send letter or card on the special occasions to your relatives. Postal service is a reliable service so it can be used for sending important documents.

Post Office Postal departments are administered by government of India everywhere in the country. Post offices are available in every town and village so a common person can easily reach it. Fees for sending letters is very minimal and to write normal letters you just have to buy postcard or inland letter cards. Apart from letters you can also send gifts and packets to anyone. Sending a letter in same country is called inland letter and service for sending mails to different countries is called international mailing service. Post offices are providing both services. You can also avail special services like speed post, mail delivery confirmation, etc by paying some extra amount. 

According to your message and its importance you can write message on postcard, inland letters or envelope. All these are available at any post office and you can get them easily. Post card is cheapest of all, there is space to write message on both sides of the card and a particular space for writing address. Post cards are not suitable to send confidential messages. Inland letter cards are used to send letters in the same country in which written portion is folded and sealed. Envelops are used to send any enclosures like application for any job.

Postal service is easy, cheap and fast service to send letters either locally or internationally.