The Postman and His Delivery

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Post office is a place where mails are processed for delivery. Post offices offer all kinds of mails related services. It also offers other services such as passport application and other government forms, car purchase tax, money orders, and banking services.

Postman is an important constituent of post office, without him it won’t be possible to carry on the important activity of delivering the mails. He is an important public servant. He works in every nooks and corner of the country, whether it is a city, town or a village. The postman is a one who goes door to door and delivers letters, parcels, money orders and gifts.

The work of a postman is very difficult. He has to work in all season, whether it is  a rainy season, summer season or winter. He has to go from one locality to other for delivering letters. He has to even work late in the night to make the delivery on time. Postman has to cover many villages and cities; they have to cross many difficult terrains. Postman has to pass through deserts and forests and other hostile places.

Now days the work of a postman has changed a lot, people need more efficient services. They want their deliveries on time and also safety of their mails. In order to serve people more efficiently post offices have started to train the postman. With this training, the postmen are in better position to serve the people.

Post offices are also offering good salary to postman because they have also learned the efforts that are being employed by the postman. They are also provided many other additional facilities like life coverage, emergency holidays, etc. Post offices have started treating their employees as a part of their family. Delivering mails is not that easy job.

The Brand Makeover Of The Postal System

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The basic and the traditional function of postal system is to deliver mail to its desired locations may it be any ones residences or any businesses. They start delivering posts in the morning and work till late in the night. There are different sequences that they need to follow. They need to segregate the mails and arrange them in order.

Today’s demand for postal system has undergone a change. Transformation in the content and providing quality service is the need of the hour. In order to meet these needs postal system has started its journey towards its makeover. Some of the silent features of the makeover are.

The prime objective of postal services is of delivering the mails to its desired locations, but with that it also performs various other duties like collection of money for postage and cash on delivery fees. If a certain client is not available at his residence then postman leaves behind a notice which specifies the details of the place where the mail is being held. Customers need good quality service. So employees are trained properly before taking up for the job. They are trained in all the technical aspects as well as in their communication skill, so that the customers fell satisfied when they have a conversation with them.

The modern postal system not only concentrates on the customer’s satisfaction but they concentrate on their employees benefits too. They consider employees as the pillars on which they stand. So they try and keep them satisfied in all the ways possible and provide various benefits like life insurance coverage, they also receive increment in salary on regular basis. They also enjoy flexible spending account after completion of one year term. They are even granted various leaves. The postal service observes 10 holidays each year.Thus makeover of the postal system has resulted into providing efficient services to the customers at the same time benefiting their employees.

Recruitment In Post Office

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Post offices usually have round-the-clock operations, staffed by a team of hard-working individuals. Others work behind the scenes, sorting and processing mail. A third group delivers the mail to its final destination, be it a home or any business complex.

Most post office workers nationwide are employed full-time, with good salary packages and benefits. There is an entrance test to get the job in post office.  After clearing the test, interview of the candidate takes place. In olden day, various recruitments for postal services were based up on the regional work-related groups. Applicants passing the entrance exam with a distinction were set as per the ranking system. list were made according to such ranking system. Applicants preferred other employment opportunities, as it frequently took about more than 2 to 3 years, before the applicants were called for an interview, depending on rank on the list maintained by the postal services.

There has been increasing demand for many such postal jobs in today’s market conditions due to the efforts taken by the postal services. .postal services update their recruitment programs so as to employ new qualified professionals. Postal recruitment team appoints the candidates by following fair means assigned by the government.

However the applicant should be qualified and skilled enough, the applicant should be smart, a polished look is what matters the most. Strong communication skills are very important, for a career at post office. However, it is also essential to interact in positive manner with your possible future employer and clients. Body language is also very important as it indicates the confidence and engaging personality of the applicant. These are all positive attributes and will always work to your advantage. Hence with a changing work environment the postal system is in hunt of such polished candidates who can serve the customers better.

Amenities Offered By The Post Office

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The post office, one of the oldest human institutions is a place where you will get many facilities and amenities and just not mails. Postal money orders, express mailing, parcel posting are some of the important functions of a post office and here is a detailed look at the amenities offered by the post office.

image Express mail service means your documents or letters will reach in less than a day. You can also send mails on public holidays and Sundays for an additional charge.  The pricing for this is either on a flat rate or by the weight of your package or by the ZIP code.

Another option is First Class Mail where delivery is guaranteed in two to three days at the most. This service is available for letters and small packages.

The parcel posting facility is the cheapest way of sending packages as it employs surface transport only.  The time can be anywhere between 2 days to 4 weeks depending upon the location; whether it is national or international and also depending upon the ZIP code for domestic delivery.

One of the unique amenities offered by post offices is media mail through which you can send recorded media such as audio cassettes, VHS, CD’s and DVDs. Even Blu-ray discs can e sent through this service.  The pricing for this is on a flat rate basis depending upon the weight of the package. The transit time is similar to parcel posting. Also, one thing to note over here is that you cannot advertise using the media mail service and there are also restrictions on what you can send by this service.

Bulk mailing is another facility offered by the post office and was used quite a lot until the recent recession that struck the global economy and companies started opting for emailing instead of the age-old snail mail service.  Many discounts are offered for bulk mailing and the service is still used by those who want to send magazines and other periodicals.

Banking Services In Post Offices

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There are so many postal services provided by post offices and one very vital service is banking service. As we know that bank deals with money. One can deposit money in his account and also can withdraw it at any time. Customer can also take loan from bank when he is in need of money. Besides this service banks also helps its customers to keep their valuables and ornaments in safe custody and transferring money from one account to another.

Post Offices Post offices work with some of these banking services like accepting money deposits and withdrawal of deposits. So in this way we can say that post offices also playing a role similar to bank. Different schemes are also offered to attract customers and encourage them to save money. Here is the list of some important saving schemes provided by post office banking services:

Savings account of post office: We can deposit our savings in this account and withdraw it any time when required. The minimum amount we need to open this account is rupees twenty and the maximum of one lakh rupees can be deposited in the account. The account can also be a joint account. Post office also pays interest on the deposited money.

Time deposit account of post office: Fees to open this account is rupees fifty and there is no limit to deposit money in this account. Money has to be deposited in lump sum and it gets mature after a fixed time interval like one, two or three years. Depositor gets interest by post office on this money annually.

Monthly income scheme of post office: In this customer has to deposit a fixed sum of money for six years. He will get monthly interest on the money. Minimum and maximum amount that can be deposited in this account are rupees 1000 and rupees 3 lakhs.

So there are so many schemes provided by post office banking services depending on different groups of people.

Benefits of Postal Services

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Mails or posts typically includes enclosed documents in envelops and small packages. These mails are delivered at any place around the world. Any document or tangible object transferred through postal system is called as mail or post. Post offices play a very important role in various rural areas. They act as a connecting link between these rural areas and rest of the country. With the mailing facility as their core purpose they also provide varied facilities like banking facility in the absence of banks in most of the rural areas.

image The benefits of sending a post are as follows; we can track the progress of our delivery, it is less expensive, and it gets delivered to the door steps of the desired destination. Now a day’s post office also obtains signed receipts for registered, certified and insured mails, which increases the safety of the mails. There has been a makeover in the working of various postal services as per the needs of the customers. They act more responsibly and work for customer’s satisfaction.

Postal services also help in providing employment opportunities for the people living in rural areas. Postal service takes care of the public by serving them, but it also takes due care of its employees. Employees are provided with all the basic facilities like leaves, retirement coverage, holidays, and health insurance. They are trained to serve the customer’s. They are also provided additional benefits like life coverage, increment in pay etc. In the absence of the banks, postal service provides various financing schemes for boosting up the savings of the individuals.

Postal service provides many facilities like general or registered mail, parcel post, speed post, express post, e-post and special courier service known as EMS- speed post. They also offer a number of post office savings schemes like National Savings Certificate, Recurring deposits and terms deposits. Postal services not only benefit the ordinary public but also the employees serving them.

Dazzling Finance Schemes At The Post Office To Boost Your Savings

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Post office is an authorized postal system for posting, receipt, sorting, handling, transmission or delivery of mail. Post office offers mail related services such as post office boxes, postage and packing suppliers. Some post offices also provide non postal services such as passport applications and other government forms, car tax purchase, money orders and banking services.

Post Office In addition there are number of finance schemes provided by the post office saving bank for boosting the savings which are; saving account scheme, recurring deposit scheme, time deposit scheme, monthly income scheme, public provident fund scheme, national saving certificate and senior citizen’s saving scheme. The silent features of these savings schemes are as follows.

Post office saving account scheme is available for individual account and joint account. Interest payable is 3.5% and the interest received is tax free.

Kisan vikas patra is a scheme where the money doubles in 8yrs and 7 month. Withdrawal of cash facility before maturity is also available and the rate of interest for the same is 8.4%. and the maximum on the investment is infinite.

National saving certificate pays compounded interest at 8% half yearly but is payable on maturity and the maximum limit for investment is infinite. The interest accruing that is reinvested will also qualify for a deduction under income tax act.

Senior citizen saving scheme pays a 9% of handsome interest, which is payable from the date of deposit of 31st march/30thSeptember/31st December in the first instance and then it is payable every quarter starting from 31st march. Maturity period is 5yrs. The age limit of the person should be 60yrs or more to invest in this scheme.  Such schemes provided by the post office have helped many people boosting up their savings and a helping hand in countries economical growth.       

Letters vs. Email

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Today, our lives have become very fast and we are always trying to make it comfortable. Now it is possible to sit in one place and look around the whole world and connect with the people in any corner of the globe by just one click of internet. The system which we follow to connect with the people is affecting our relationship’s value in a negative way. There are no personal touches in the human relation, like writing a hand-written letter. In a hand-written letter you not only heartily warm a person but also endear the reader by the presences of your letter. Now the people don’t believe in the traditional way of posting the letter, they believe in directly communicating with the digital addresses.

Letters vs. Email Certainly, there are advantages in using e-mail system.

Digital mailing values your time. Within 5 minutes of your life you can connect and also start your discussion with the people in any part of the world. Business sectors have expanded globally because of internet and globalization and rapidly increased in a huge matter. If in this case we people would have still been using the traditional ways of posting the letter and exchanging the mouth of words. At the very same time internet allows you to connect with your same message to many people on the spot, you just need to insert the digital address in one ‘send to’ address bar.

E-mail is cheaper and cost effective. In postage you need to spend money on postal stamp, post card and effort to go till post box to drop you letter. For using internet service once has to only spend annual fees according to the service which is far cheaper than the postal services. Electronic-mail is far clear and easy to decode and at any mood of the reader. The font are uniform not unlike the hand written scripts. Email is easy and user-friendly for the people to connect and handle their personal and professional relationships.