Letters vs. Email

Posted by | Posted in Postal Services | Posted on 03-06-2010

Today, our lives have become very fast and we are always trying to make it comfortable. Now it is possible to sit in one place and look around the whole world and connect with the people in any corner of the globe by just one click of internet. The system which we follow to connect with the people is affecting our relationship’s value in a negative way. There are no personal touches in the human relation, like writing a hand-written letter. In a hand-written letter you not only heartily warm a person but also endear the reader by the presences of your letter. Now the people don’t believe in the traditional way of posting the letter, they believe in directly communicating with the digital addresses.

Letters vs. Email Certainly, there are advantages in using e-mail system.

Digital mailing values your time. Within 5 minutes of your life you can connect and also start your discussion with the people in any part of the world. Business sectors have expanded globally because of internet and globalization and rapidly increased in a huge matter. If in this case we people would have still been using the traditional ways of posting the letter and exchanging the mouth of words. At the very same time internet allows you to connect with your same message to many people on the spot, you just need to insert the digital address in one ‘send to’ address bar.

E-mail is cheaper and cost effective. In postage you need to spend money on postal stamp, post card and effort to go till post box to drop you letter. For using internet service once has to only spend annual fees according to the service which is far cheaper than the postal services. Electronic-mail is far clear and easy to decode and at any mood of the reader. The font are uniform not unlike the hand written scripts. Email is easy and user-friendly for the people to connect and handle their personal and professional relationships.

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