The Brand Makeover Of The Postal System

Posted by | Posted in Postal Services | Posted on 13-06-2010

The basic and the traditional function of postal system is to deliver mail to its desired locations may it be any ones residences or any businesses. They start delivering posts in the morning and work till late in the night. There are different sequences that they need to follow. They need to segregate the mails and arrange them in order.

Today’s demand for postal system has undergone a change. Transformation in the content and providing quality service is the need of the hour. In order to meet these needs postal system has started its journey towards its makeover. Some of the silent features of the makeover are.

The prime objective of postal services is of delivering the mails to its desired locations, but with that it also performs various other duties like collection of money for postage and cash on delivery fees. If a certain client is not available at his residence then postman leaves behind a notice which specifies the details of the place where the mail is being held. Customers need good quality service. So employees are trained properly before taking up for the job. They are trained in all the technical aspects as well as in their communication skill, so that the customers fell satisfied when they have a conversation with them.

The modern postal system not only concentrates on the customer’s satisfaction but they concentrate on their employees benefits too. They consider employees as the pillars on which they stand. So they try and keep them satisfied in all the ways possible and provide various benefits like life insurance coverage, they also receive increment in salary on regular basis. They also enjoy flexible spending account after completion of one year term. They are even granted various leaves. The postal service observes 10 holidays each year.Thus makeover of the postal system has resulted into providing efficient services to the customers at the same time benefiting their employees.

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