Post Office and Technological Tools

Posted by | Posted in Post Office | Posted on 02-06-2010

This is the information age where everything happens in an instant.  The internet has made the world a global village where one can communicate with a person sitting more than a thousand miles away at the click of a button. This has dramatically changed the way we communicate with one another and do our business. Personal computers have gone down to prices below a thousand dollars and the internet connection has become a fundamental right in some countries. As such, the good old post office and snail mailing is becoming an ancient affair today.

Post Office If we think realistically, who would want to write a letter and post it when one can communicate at the speed of thought with their friends and family? Emails, text messaging, voice chat and even video conferencing are available today at negligible costs. This convergence of technology has, to an extent made us complacent and we tend to neglect the age old tradition of sending hand written season’s greetings or a personalized package by mail.

Moreover, the recent recession only added to the woes of the postal services. The modern technology available today made companies think. Most of them stopped the practice of direct mailing and marketing by post and instead opted for emails and communication on popular social networking sites like Facebook and Orkut. Also, YouTube which is an online video sharing portal offered a much better platform for companies to advertise their products and get opinions and suggestion on them in a much more interactive manner as compared to postal services. Also, market research too is being carried out through emails and the internet and most companies have discontinued sending feedback forms and survey questionnaires by email.

In conclusion, if we do not do something real quick about this most of the post offices will be shut down and we will lose the oldest institution of human history.

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