Post Office And The Letters

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The world of computers and internet, are demolishing the name of post office and letters from the mind of people in big cities. But in small towns and villages where internet facilities are not available and letters are very easy means of written communication and also the most convenient ways of talking to each other. Post offices provide their services to send letter from one place to another. You can send letter or card on the special occasions to your relatives. Postal service is a reliable service so it can be used for sending important documents.

Post Office Postal departments are administered by government of India everywhere in the country. Post offices are available in every town and village so a common person can easily reach it. Fees for sending letters is very minimal and to write normal letters you just have to buy postcard or inland letter cards. Apart from letters you can also send gifts and packets to anyone. Sending a letter in same country is called inland letter and service for sending mails to different countries is called international mailing service. Post offices are providing both services. You can also avail special services like speed post, mail delivery confirmation, etc by paying some extra amount. 

According to your message and its importance you can write message on postcard, inland letters or envelope. All these are available at any post office and you can get them easily. Post card is cheapest of all, there is space to write message on both sides of the card and a particular space for writing address. Post cards are not suitable to send confidential messages. Inland letter cards are used to send letters in the same country in which written portion is folded and sealed. Envelops are used to send any enclosures like application for any job.

Postal service is easy, cheap and fast service to send letters either locally or internationally.

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