Post Offices – A History

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The General Post Office abbreviated as the GPO was established by King Charles II and it grew into a postal service as well as a communication center. Many such similar offices were setup in the entire British Empire with the passage of time.

The GPO was used to create a network where people could submit items to be sent from one place to another. All these items were known as pot, were transferred from one post office to many places which were called distribution points. At the onset, the recipients were supposed to pay for receiving the post. But this lead to complications as the latter had the right of refusing to accept delivery of the item and not pay for the same so this system was later changed. The charges for delivery were calculated on the basis of the distance between the two places and the GPO was supposed to maintain an account for each item sent.

The Penny Post was introduced in the year 1840. This had two new innovative ideas. One was the uniform postal pricing system which took care of the administrative costs and also reduced them to a large extent. The second was the pre-paid stamp system where adhesive stamps were stuck on the items to be posted.

Many countries later introduced additional facilities in their post offices such as a distribution center for government forms, application centers for passport and vehicle driving licenses, even banks and a place where he common people could use telephones to make calls.

The people who delivered the postal letters and packages were the face of the government in many countries. ; many mail handlers burn the midnight oil even today for sorting out mails and packages that are to be delivered at different places. But sadly, the institution is dying out to the advent of modern technology such as the internet and cell phones

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