The Postman and His Delivery

Posted by | Posted in Postal Services | Posted on 14-06-2010

Post office is a place where mails are processed for delivery. Post offices offer all kinds of mails related services. It also offers other services such as passport application and other government forms, car purchase tax, money orders, and banking services.

Postman is an important constituent of post office, without him it won’t be possible to carry on the important activity of delivering the mails. He is an important public servant. He works in every nooks and corner of the country, whether it is a city, town or a village. The postman is a one who goes door to door and delivers letters, parcels, money orders and gifts.

The work of a postman is very difficult. He has to work in all season, whether it is  a rainy season, summer season or winter. He has to go from one locality to other for delivering letters. He has to even work late in the night to make the delivery on time. Postman has to cover many villages and cities; they have to cross many difficult terrains. Postman has to pass through deserts and forests and other hostile places.

Now days the work of a postman has changed a lot, people need more efficient services. They want their deliveries on time and also safety of their mails. In order to serve people more efficiently post offices have started to train the postman. With this training, the postmen are in better position to serve the people.

Post offices are also offering good salary to postman because they have also learned the efforts that are being employed by the postman. They are also provided many other additional facilities like life coverage, emergency holidays, etc. Post offices have started treating their employees as a part of their family. Delivering mails is not that easy job.

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