The Various Counters At The Post Office

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Post office is providing plethora of different services apart from sending and receiving letters so it has different counters at office for every service. Different counters are for facility of customer so that he has to go only to the counter related with his work. Different counters are:

Counter for mailing services: Work related to sending and receiving mails is done at this counter. There are many sub-counters for purchasing postcards, stamps or other things related to letter, collecting the letters and for other purpose. There are other counters for mailing gifts and parcels.

Counter for Remittance service: Post office also provides money order services and postal order services. There is a counter which deals with all these service. To send a money order you just have to go to this counter, fill a form and deposit your money which you want to send. Your request will be processed by the person sitting at the counter.

Banking service counter: There is a different counter for banking services provided by post office. You can open a savings account at post office and deposit your money. You can also withdraw this money anytime. A person from post office staff sitting at this counter will help you to open the account and will tell you all the procedure. All the details about account and customer are saved in computer for fast access.

Insurance service counter: Having insurance for any person is very important as his family will get the insurance money in case of any casualty occur with him. Post office also deals with this service. At this counter you will get all the information regarding the insurance policies that they are providing and benefits of those policies.

There are other counters for sale of forms, bill payments or any other services.

Work is done systematically on these counters and it also saves time of both customer and post office staff.

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